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Smart. Power. Trading.

Making better markets for a net-zero world.

What we do.

Reducing transaction costs. 24/7.

We buy and sell electricity in the Pan-European market and thereby help balance fluctuating renewable energy production. As market makers, we increase liquidity and decrease market volatility. An automated trading agent based on domain expertise and AI trades for us. Around the clock.

Why we do it.

Net-zero without efficient energy markets? Not going to happen.

The energy system is a key component towards a carbon neutral world. We can’t solve the climate crisis without transforming it. The EU has chosen a market-based approach to build a green energy system. We contribute by reducing the transaction costs and providing price signals for crucial players such as renewable energy providers, storage operators, and demand response, helping their business model take off.

How we do it.

It’s the automation, stupid.

We develop our proprietary trading system with the goal of fully automating the decision making process based on domain expertise and AI. As a necessary requirement for our trading activities we are focussed on a very high degree of availability and operational safety in everything we build.

Words mean nothing to you? 

Here are the numbers.1

> 1 GWh

traded energy

Every day, we trade more than a GWh. Enough to send an electric vehicle on a tour around the whole globe every couple of minutes.

< 20 ms 

decision time

We make decisions fast. Our trading system leverages machine learning to decide and place orders at exchanges such as the European Power Exchange (EPEX) within sub-second latency.

> 20,000 orders 

We place thousands of orders everyday, day and night. Of those, only a fraction gets executed. 

> 2 EUR/MWh saved

According to our estimates, other market participants get better prices due to our presence in the market. This effect can stack up to multiple millions of Euros per year.



We are almost always there. A robust system and solid strategies enable us to have offers in the market in almost every delivery hour.

Our journey.






Realisation that lack of liquidity is a problem for market participants and therefore we can create value with market making.



Proof of concept

First trades and refinement of simulation environment to better match real-world conditions.

Operational system

EPEX member and AI models

Complete rewrite of proprietary trading system to put our business on solid tech stack.

Direct exchange membership at EPEX SPOT and integration of proprietary price forecasts based on machine learning into our trading system.

Who we are.

We want to make a tangible contribution to the energy transition through a combination of domain knowledge, data science and software engineering. Our personal lifes are important to us and we prioritize our work ruthlessly in order to get the most out of each hour instead of putting in more and more (unproductive) hours. It’s our conviction that small teams of motivated and capable people can outperform larger organizations, and that everyone should have the choice of where and when to work. Our meritocratic culture that challenges us intellectually every day keeps us going and makes our workplace a fun and inclusive place.

Image of Tobias Assmann

Tobias Assmann

Domain expert with 15+ years in the energy business. Has built multiple start-ups and connects the (business) dots in Ponte. For Tobias, the energy industry is a family business, as his grand father was already managing a utility company. Tobias and his family live in Munich.

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Image of Jakob Keller

Jakob Keller

20 years of professional experience in IT and software development. Builds the technical foundations for algorithmic trading. Jakob loves great music, tasty food and advances in technology. Jakob and his family are based in Düsseldorf.

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Image of Lorenz Haubner

Lorenz Haubner

Data Scientist with 5+ years of energy trading experience. Runs the trading operations and continuously refines our strategies. Graduated from LMU Munich, CDTM and ETH Zurich. Lorenz is a certified skipper and passionate mountaineer. He lives with his family in Munich.

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Image of Lorenz Walthert

Lorenz Walthert

5+ years of experience of training machine learning models and building data science tooling. Builds ML models and runs MLOps. Graduated from HSG and ETH Zürich. Has built an open-source tool used at Google and enjoys cross-country skiing and tennis. He is based in Zurich.

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Our next hire

Are you eager to work with us? We are always looking for new contributors joining our team. Reach out to Tobias through LinkedIn if you are interested.

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1. The numbers presented are averages and do not necessarily reflect figures of the current business day or month nor do they constitute a basis for investor or other stakeholder decisions.